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Effective January 15th, this website will be charging a Convenience Fee of 2.00% on Card payments made. There will be no Convenience Fee assessed on ACH or e-check payments made. 

If you currently have a Recurring Payment set up using your Card payment you have until January 15th to change your Payment Method to Pay by Check. You can easily remove your Recurring Payment in the system by clicking the Recurring Icon and then clicking the red x next to your Recurring Payment. Then you can create a new Recurring Payment using your Pay with Check option.

For further information on how to delete a recurring payment click the Help link found the recurring setup page. Then view page 8 which will show you how easy it is to delete a recurring payment. The Recurring Payment icon appears to the right of this information.

To add a new Payment Method (such as Pay with Check) visit the help link on the My Wallet page. The My Wallet Icon appears to the right of this information.

To set up a recurring or delayed payment click onto the Recurring Icon to the right and then follow the easy prompts.

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