Upsilon Payments QuickBooks Web Connect

Guide to Integrating

Upsilon Payments

Into your QuickBooks

If the invoice number is entered when the payment is made the payment will be automatically applied to the correct invoice.

Download the QuickBooks Web Connector  to your desktop –


Simply download the Web Connect file download from an email sent to you and then double click upon the Web Connect icon on your desktop.




The Web Connector Interface looks like this when you click on the QB Web Connector Icon.

QB Connect is set in this example to upload every 1,440 minutes (or every 24 hours).


Quick Books Payment Received



Click onto the Receive Payments List on your “Money In” section.


Quick Books Apply Payment.




Apply Payments to the Invoice…


View Invoice



View the credits applied to the appropriate invoice.


View All Invoices




View the credits and debits applied to the appropriate client.


WePayOnline Quick Books WSDL

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