Online Back Office Conversion For Accounts Receivable

Upsilon Payments can make your life so much easier by giving you a back office conversion for your ACH and CC payments. Upsilon Payment provides customized web interface made specifically for your business. Payment, customer, and invoice information is stored securely on your customized payment portal and is made available to your accounting software through secure, industry standard methods.

Back Office Conversion Benefits –A Complete End-to-end Solution

  • Reduced cost of check deposits and returns through the elimination of paper check depositing and processing
  • Increased cash flow for both deposits and returned check payments
  • Reduced armored truck fees
  • Consolidated deposit reporting
  • Enhanced updates to check risk management files from collection and transactional data
  • Guaranteed funds for retailers using check warranty – no returns processing by retailer required
  • Intelligent settlement routing of checks based on least cost method maximizing funds availability
  • Settlement via image exchange
  • Web-based reporting and image retrieval
  • Can be used with or without front-end check authorization risk management
  • Funds settle into your account within 2 business days.

Ask about how easy it is for you to set up a B2B Invoice Online Payment System allowing your customers to log on to your payment website and make an invoice payment to you in real time!

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