Automated Accounting From Point of Sale

Upsilon Payments now offers POS with invoices.  Generate invoices and recurring payments at the same time as you invoice.  Our system even allows multi-job invoices and provides the workarounds you need that your accounting platform won't accommodate easily or at all.

wponewNot only has Upsilon Payments solved the problem of double entry when considering leaving the payment system built into QuickBooks or other accounting software, we even solve real world problems that one size fits all accounting apps won't handle.

Make invoices faster, correlate recurring payments to invoices with a single click, track jobs without being tied to one job per invoice restrictions in QuickBooks.  And do it all much cheaper than QuickBooks. 

Are you using QuickBooks payment processing because they gave you a license to the software in exchange?  If you are billing over 20,000.00 per month the difference between Intuit card rates and Upsilon Payments would buy you many copies of QuickBooks.  Why not get more flexibility in receiving and tracking payment at a much better cost?


If You Understand Math and You Like Money

This Is For You

So just how good is the Intuit QuickBooks offer for a free copy of QuickBooks Pro 2011 in exchange for using their payment processing?

When you consider that Intuit wants 1% more of your gross revenue on average than Upsilon Payments...  how good does that sound now? 
On the right, you can see the number of QuickBooks that Upsilon Payments customers could purchase in a typical first year of ownership.
We know that math this simple won't be overlooked.