Franchise Services 

Upsilon Payments franchise services are giving franchisors and franchisees a rapid and affordable path to catching up with the modern customer’s needs. Franchises such as Child Care Providers whose customers are young parents know better than anyone that in today's world time and money are stretched to their limits. Today's young customers rely on the devices they grew up with to save time and credit cards to make money last through the month. Upsilon Payments can connect any franchise to this generation of young customers by allowing you to talk to them in their language; internet, email, phone apps, and credit cards.
Email receipts, making recurring payments from iPhones, and account management and communication from a personal computer are services your franchise's customers don't just need, they are mandatory. Receiving payment from customers doesn't have to be done like your parents did it. Upsilon Payments is at the forefront of connecting your Accounts Receivable to customers through the devices and methods they prefer to use. By moving into the future with paperless payment systems you ensure that you stay connected.
Don't underestimate the demand for these services, many franchise locations using the Upsilon Payments customer self-pay portals have found up to 95% of their customers prefer to pay themselves. These percentages have far exceeded even our estimations and we were the ones who developed them as a new product! But don't expect your customers to offer up these opinions to you, we have found many franchise locations who had done informal polling of their customers and believed that the ability to pay online was not a high priority to them, but then after trying our products found an amazing amount of the customers did prefer to handle their account themselves, even managing their own recurring billing.

"OK, OK, I would love to have virtual A/R terminals, self-pay portals, and iPhone access but that is an expense we just can't afford at many of our locations."  This is something we hear from prospective franchisors all the time.  Assuming that you plan to do business with the 450 million visa cards in the U.S. (source) you can have all these services and actually SAVE MONEY not spend it. Upsilon Payments offers these services for monthly hosting costs of usually less than 35 dollars a month and at the Lowest Processing Rates In The Industry.  Want proof?  Below are actual numbers from a sampling of franchises that converted to Upsilon Payments in October of 2010.

But hey, it is just time and money, so take a little more time to think about it if you need to, but if you are ready to put money like the above into your pocket and join the digital payment era give us a call right now, we have world class customer service and are waiting by the phone to hear from you today.

Need that number one more time?  It is 1-425-358-0818, call it!